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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect when I drop my car off for a service or repair?

You will receive a written estimate of the service or diagnostics that will be performed. If we are diagnosing a problem, once the problem is found you will be contacted for the approval of the needed repair.

How often should my transmission be serviced?

Generally a transmission should be serviced every 30,000 miles.

What is the difference between a Service and a Flush?

A service consists of removing the transmission pan, replacing the filter and pan gasket and reinstalling the pan; this replaces about 33% of the total fluid. A flush removes the remaining fluid from the torque converter and cooling system by a machine that attaches to the transmission cooler lines.

A flush is recommended because it removes almost 100% of the fluid.

What is the procedure to have my transmission repaired or rebuilt?

If the vehicle is driveable, we road test the vehicle, check the condition of the fluid, run a computer diagnosis, and test electrical components if needed. Once these procedures have been completed, we can determine if the transmission can be repaired or requires to be rebuilt.

How long does a transmission repair take?

It depends on the problem. Some problems are simple and can be repaired the same day while others may be more severe and could take longer. Usually, the worst case is no more than four days.

Why bring your car to us instead of a general repair shop?

Our knowledge, expereince, and equipment exceed that of most general repair shops. We offer free local towing and warranty our work (click to view warranty).

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